In March 2020, Ever Shine I&F commissioned the IDB to provide R&D guidance in cosmetic technologies, as the company envisions to innovate and upscale its beauty and skincare products. The general manager Sally Yeh puts focus on ‘environmental and eco-friendliness’. Therefore, the new brand ‘UST’ not only promotes functionalities, but also highlights natural and chemical-free products; sensitive skin types are pampered with the most natural and gentle indulgence.

The healthy, exquisite, yet simple ‘UST Pure Double Moisturizing Serum’ is produced by a Taiwan GMP certified manufacturer, and is accredited by the EU Clean Label. It is manufactured under four core principles: ‘no additives, simple ingredients, reduced production process, transparent information’. Consumers are made aware of how the product is manufactured with certified organic raw materials with no chemicals, no preservatives, or artificial additives. In addition, IDB provides assistance in stringent control on ingredients, production techniques and packaging; we exhaust all revenues to offer the purest and finest products and hope our customers indulge themselves in their well-being, elegance, and confidence.