In April 2020, the parent company of Ever Shine I&F, Ever Shine Y&F Co. Ltd., conjointly with the consortium PITDC (Medical and Pharmaceutical Industry Technology and Development Center) established the ‘Technology Development and Application for Local Functional Cosmetic Raw Materials’ program. Through the Natural Drug R&D Team in PITDC, research in extraction and manufacturing process were conducted; and the team actively assisted in the development of local functional cosmetic raw materials in Taiwan. The research on natural plant extracts is a global trend in the cosmetic industry; accordingly, our new brand ‘UST’ highlights natural and chemical-free products; sensitive skin types can rest assured to be pampered by our natural and gentle skincare product line.  

Lots of functional plants are suited to grow in Taiwan’s climate and geographic location. Taiwan also has well developed techniques in growing various plants. The Indian gooseberry is one of them and serves as a great cosmetic raw material. Our new brand ‘UST’ has integrated ‘Indian gooseberry’ in our skincare products. Indian gooseberry not only contains potent antioxidants and vitamin C to increase collagen production in the skin, it also consists of various amino acids to repair skin cells; in India, it is considered as the holy fruit. We endeavor to provide the purest and most natural plant extracts for your skin; in addition to our stringent manufacturing processes, the functionalities and safety are also relentlessly safeguarded. ‘UST’ amino acid cleanser, toner and hydro gel-cream are all made of plant extracts. Our products are natural, free of added chemicals, preservatives and pesticides; they are skin friendly and well suited for sensitive and postoperative skin types.