As a member of society, Ever Shine I&F has always believed in giving back generously, and we are fully devoted to charitable activities. Initiated by the Cathay United Bank Foundation, the ‘Elevated Tree Program’ invited our company for voluntary donations. From 2006 to 2019, we donated winter overcoats on a regular basis to school children living in remote areas. More than 1000 primary schools in remote villages have benefited from our donations. 

In 2016, Taiwan was hit by strong cold fronts one after another; the general manager of Ever Shine I&F Sally Yeh, having a benevolent heart that is second to none, reached out in a timely manner and donated thermal garments. Moreover, all natural thermal garments in the shops were recalled and returned to the head office by staff under her directives; together with children’s thermal jackets manufactured by Ever Shine Y&F, 563 garments worth NT$800,000 were swiftly delivered to the center of TFCF (Taiwan Fund for Children and Families) in 3 days. TFCF then distributed the garments to families in need. 

The director of TFCF North Taipei Center Chang, Ju-Hsuan was surprised by the delivery from Ever Shine I&F/Y&F, as those thermal garments were made of natural materials imported from Austria, and each garment was of superior quality.

Ever Shine I&F/Y&F are highly devoted to charitable activities at the same pace as they achieve their sales targets. Both companies have long track records of responding to market needs efficiently, and their responses to charitable activities are equally expeditious. Albeit busy, all staff are pleasantly involved in charity tasks, in the hope of setting examples and creating more collaborations and supports from the society to help disadvantaged families survive in the bleak winter.