Laozi’s outlook on life- ‘the highest form of goodness is like water’ is a profound enlightenment and the uppermost domain in life. The power of water is unfathomable and it seems to be at peace with the world; it nourishes living beings yet shows humbleness. When falling into dire straits, we must keep our cool and clear our minds. Never try to bite off more than one can chew, be a well-grounded person and only do things within one’s abilities. ‘Be flexible and not overpowering’, by helping to accomplish a common goal, one is able to safeguard oneself; ‘altruism’ creates win-win situations and helps achieve business sustainability. My mind is enlightened by the wisdom stated in the Tao Te Ching ‘the master stays behind; that is why he is ahead. He is detached from all things; that is why he is one with them’.  When one helps to attain common interests first and leaves personal agenda behind, one will most certainly coexist with others in harmony.

‘Sowing Ode’- Sowing and filling up the paddy with green rice seedlings, looking down, the sky is reflected in the field. Paving the paths with a pure mind, moving forward by way of stepping back. Although farmers concentrate on their work with their heads down, they see the sky and clouds reflected in the rice paddy clearly with their focused minds. When you take one step back, you actually take two steps ahead; stepping back cultivates one’s humility and raises one’s kindness. We endeavour to collaborate with other businesses in the industry, rather than undercutting or competing against them.