In 1992, president Johnny Shen and general manager Sally Yeh jointly founded Ever Shine Y&F. In 2004, Ever Shine I&F was also established. The leading team made its debut with an amazing entrance by hosting a groundbreaking undergarment Taipei Fashion Show, and caused a sensation. Ever Shine I&F is a sales agent for fashion labels in women’s apparel, men’s clothing, undergarments and cosmetics etc.

The founder has a particular acute sense of aesthetics and is a long-term supporter of local artists, a collector of copious artworks, and is renowned for ‘her art appreciations and her enterprise of well-being.’ Ever Shine I&F was launched based on fashion elements and aesthetic cultures. In recent years, thanks to the permissions granted by local artists, our products are remarkably incorporated with stylish artworks and functionalities.

In the wake of circular fashion, Ever Shine I&F believes in ‘eco-friendliness and sustainability’; together with worldwide effort, pollution reduction is our utmost objective, and we incessantly endeavour to design innovative and superior products to meet our customers’ expectations. Being a strong upholder of ‘integrity’ and ‘perseverance,’ we are able to gain recognition and business opportunities worldwide.